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Winner of the first North Hope UHC!


North Hope



North Hope is a well established server, with a friendly and supportive community. The server has been online since the 25th of March 2015 and has been steadily growing since then, we have a main town with Spawn buildings and new player information, shops and services.

We have a rail system to connect outlying areas and builds of interest, a fun park which is expanding and a good Nether hub with stables for long journeys and connections to other bases and biomes.

There are still base building plots available near spawn or if you prefer you can venture out of town to claim your land. We also have retail plots available if you have an interest in creating a store.


North Hope is family friendly, and if you are just starting out it is a perfect choice, with a supportive community with skills in all areas and levels of game play to offer assistance if needed. North Hope is looking for committed players who want to be a part of, and help build a community, you need to read the town charter and be prepared to adhere to it before you apply.