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Whitelisted Server

Java Edition


Town Charter


Founded by: Hey_Mister

Admin: NorthHope

• If you think something should be included in the Town Charter please email Hey_Mister.


Becoming a Community

Being a part of a community doesn't just mean building your base and not coming back, it also means helping others and building things for everyone to use and enjoy, spending time with others mining or adventuring.

Being a part of the community also means keeping up to date with what going on in North Hope, reading the notice boards and any books left for you in your post box, and voting on any issues posted to make sure you have your say.


Don't ask to be Opped

Don't ask for Creative Mode

Don't ask for Command Blocks

Don't ask for anything to be Spawned In

Don't ask for TP

Don't ask for any mods or plugins

Dont ask for the world seed

If you lose items through dying or player error, dont ask for replacements


Streamers and YouTubers

North Hope welcomes Streamers and YouTubers. If you are looking for a white listed server to be a part of please apply, however this does not automatically mean it is a place for your subs or followers. If you join us and there is a larger quantity of applications following your acceptance applications will be closed. North Hope is looking for serious players who want to be a part of a community.


All projects that may impact another person need to be discussed first.

•  This includes spawn buildings, we dont want to end up with five of the same thing at spawn.

•  This includes changing or adding to someone else's build, if you have an idea for improvement it needs to be discussed prior to commencement.

• This excludes base building, but be respectful of your neighbours

• Any major issues that arise will be dealt with in a town meeting, the outcome of this meeting is final and the decision will not be revised at any time.

• If you use supplies from the Public Works building, please at some point give something back.

• If you open a door make sure you close it again, Leaving doors open could result in a creeper explosion.

• The post boxes and message board in the post office are our main means of communication with residents in different time zones, please check them when you are on, there may be something important you miss if you don't.


Any personal issues between residents will result in a dance off at spawn and the looser will have to supply cake and cookies for all who came to watch.


Any bad behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be immediately removed from North Hope.

North Hope is a vanilla Player server but we have some admin tools installed to assist in the running of the server. Coreprotect is the main plug-in, it is a data logging and anti-griefing tool. With Coreprotect you can rollback and restore any amount of damage, you can also see who has accessed a chest and what they have removed. So if you are intending on griefing or stealing please don't bother. you will be found out and banned from the server.


Bad behaviour includes but is not limited to:

• Any hateful behaviour towards any other resident of North Hope.

• Stealing or Griefing.

• Destroying some one else's work.

• North Hope is a vanilla server, so no Mods or macros (except Optifine).

• Excessive Swearing or bad language.

• Reading other peoples mail in the Post office, in fact stay out of other peoples mail boxes alltogether unless you are posting something to them. What others have posted isn't any of your business!


AFK farming and server lag

• AFK'ing at manual kill mob farms is banned as this creates a huge amount of lag and impacts on the server and other residents.

• Anyone found to be AFK at a manual kill mob farm will be removed from the server.

• AFK fishing does not seem to affect the server much so this is allowed.

• Anything found to be causing lag will be removed.


PVP & The Death Games

PVP is enabled, this doesn't mean you can run around killing people, even in retaliation. If someone is trying to kill you without permission this is against the rules, report them and they will be dealt with.

There is an Arena that has been built for PVP games you can access it through the Nether, or you can join the death games, There are rules you must read first.


•  Participation is not mandatory

•  If you want to be hunted your name is to be entered by a book signed by you

•  If a name has been entered and the book has been signed by someone else the book will be forfeited

•  By entering your name in the games you are agreeing that you may be killed by another player at any given time if your name is shown in the chest

•  By hunting a player in the games you agree that you may be killed in self defense

•  All inventory and armor must be returned to the player after death, this includes hunters that are killed

•  PVP only

•  You must not use traps, lava, TNT or anything that could destroy the landscape/buildings or player drops/items to kill the player

•  Hunters can ONLY use the weapons (Bow and sword) provided

•  Hunters must wear the amour provided while hunting

•  You must not use strength, regen, instant damage and poison potions when hunting

•  You must hunt players by yourself, no teams

•  Deaths must be recorded in the assigned book

•  Once the Target or the Hunter is dead the match is over


North Hope is a family friendly town

• There is to be no insulting or rude building.

• There is to be minimal swearing remember there may be children about.

Resident Inactivity

•If you are found to be inactive for a long period of time (usually 6 weeks) and have not notified us your base will be cleared and you will be removed from the whitelist.

• People sometimes move, we understand that, but please let us know because others may be able to use your space to build. And it would be nice to say goodbye to you as well.

• Any transferring of land or possesions to another player must be written in a signed book (signed by the player giving it away) for evidence, remember it is an offence to take someone elses things or land.


In game chat and external voice services

• North Hope does not condone the exchange of personally identifiable details in chat or through the game in any way, and accepts no responsibility if you choose to do so.

• If you need to have parents consent prior to using an external service please do so.

• If something or someone in North Hope is making you uncomfortable please tell Hey_Mister immediately.



Pranks are allowed But:

• You must leave a sign telling the recipient who did it.

• You must not use Lava.

• You must not use TNT.

• You must not unleash a wither.

• You must not use fire.

• You must not play a prank where the outcome is death.


Building and Realestate

• You must not claim land to re-sell to others.

• You must not sell land that was given to you by Hey_Mister. If you have no use for it, or you change your mind it will be taken back for others to use.

• Any transferring of land or possesions to another player must be written in a signed book (signed by the player giving it away) for evidence, remember it is an offence to take someone elses things or land.

Roads: The main roads from spawn should be five blocks wide. If you are building on a spawn plot you must leave three blocks between the next plot and the road, We don't want the spawn area to feel crowded. and this will leave space for flowers and bushes to keep it looking nice.

Building in the air is permitted but this must be done over vacant land that you must claim and not over some ones else's build or near spawn.



Spawn is a collection of community buildings with various uses and also spaces for retail:

• Town Hall - This houses the main nether portal and message boards for resident communication

• Tavern - This is a place for new comers to have a room until they build

• Post office - This is in the other end of the Town Hall and has post boxes so you can leave messages for other residents and for the Admin

• Map room - This is directly under the Spawn building and houses the map of North Hope and out lying areas

• Rail Station - This is off the Map room and has rail links to spawners, bases and community projects

• Town Square - This is the main meeting place for residents and houses the clock tower and dragon egg, During special occasions the town square is decorated

• Retail Buildings - There are resident run shops and businesses, there are also a limited number of empty shops and plots available

Please respect the honesty system in shops and trading centres, not doing so is stealing.


Please try and respect the terrain when you are building. We want to leave as much of the natural beauty of the land as possible.

Creeper holes are to be filled when it happens or soon after, no one likes a town surrounded by craters.

Damage to others residents property by creepers (and this will happen) is to be repaired when it happens or soon after, if you are unable to do this contact the resident affected to discuss options, leave a sign or a writable book.

when chopping down trees please replant, and remove the whole tree, we dont want any floating tree tops in North Hope.



Strip mining: Digging a large hole in the ground or flattening a hill to remove resources, this is not allowed.

Branch Mining: Digging a staircase or shaft to the desired level and branching out from the main shaft, this is allowed.

• Clay from Mesa Biomes can be mined by digging into a hill and removing from the centre so the hill still looks whole from the outside.

When collecting sand please don't destroy beaches or dig straight lines through the desert.

• Please keep in mind a staircase or shaft at spawn really isn't a good idea, so be thoughtful in your placement.



If you find any Villages do not raid them and take all of the food or any bookshelves.

• Please again respect the native villages of North Hope they will be there when we want to trade.



If you would like to release a wither remember they are a highly destructive force, so releasing it far away from any one or any builds would be a good idea. I suggest using a deep cave, if the wither kills you it won't be able to easily escape.

If you unleash a wither it must be killed before you leave, you cannot leave it alive.


The Nether

The nether hub is planned to be a place where all other portals, mob grinders and fortresses are connected to for safe and easy navigation and use. If you make a portal to your base please post signs so others may visit, or in an emergency others can find your base to help.


The End

• The dragon has been killed, you can re-summon the dragon as many times as you like

• you must make sure you have killed the dragon if you re-summoned it, do not leave it in the end.

Welcome to north hope.