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North Hope



As North Hope was born by one, the future shall include many.

Within the many we shall find strength, kindness and sanctuary.

With the many North Hope shall become a living universe.

Within this universe we shall build our future.


About North Hope


The Heart of North Hope is the town square, This is where all of the services and shops are and also the main Nether Portal and where the rail system begins. The rail system has two floors of underground stations leading to personal bases and areas of interest and also has stations that are free for future expansion.


For new residents joining us we offer free rooms at the Tavern in town square until they have built their base and also a starter kit of iron armor and tools at the Blacksmiths. There is a chicken cooker near town square or community crop and animal farms for food. There are resident run shops offering goods and services, North Hope also offers retail opportunities for those who would like to run a business or provide a service, there are plots available for building your store and a few with ready to move into buildings.


A Public works building offers a central hub that houses a large range of materials that are free to take, it also houses a work bench, and furnaces for your building projects both community and private, the works building is stocked by donations of excess materials from our residents.


North Hope has a large range of residential building plots near spawn, or if you would prefer you can head out into the wild to find a suitable plot, if you need lots of space I would suggest exploring the wild as space close to spawn is at a premium.


There is a skeleton spawner, spider spawner, and zombie spawner close to spawn. All of the spawner farms are complete with enchanting areas for you to repair your armor and tools in.


Spawn has its own villager trading village for players to trade at, there are also outlying villages and bases to visit and explore all are accessible by a rail system, overland by road or Via the nether. The Nether has horse friendly paths to portals for bases and outlying biomes, you can borrow a horse from the nether stables or take your own. The Nether has a roof top Pigman grinder, and many fortresses close to the main portal for natural spawns of Wither skeletons, there are also a few Blaze spawners for harvesting rods.


If you are interested in joining us in North Hope please read through the rules on the Town Charter page and Apply, I hope to see you there.